To any and all that has passion for musical instruction and musical inspiration-

I am the mother of a 10 year old boy that has been mentored by Alan for over three years now. I fully believe Alan is not only extremely talented in his line of work but also feel he is an inspirational teacher/mentor that has an uncanny ability to tap into his student's persona. This attribute is imperative as artist's minds are complex and often are overlooked or do not exist within society's labels of staying "within the box". My son Tatum has gained so much from Alan in the musical realm as well as individual development. Alan is patient, kind and has the unique ability to instruct and teach on a customized level. Our family considers him part of the family for his contributions and dedication to furthering my son's aspirations in music. He has supreme knowledge in music history as well as current trends and sounds of today. Alan has been instrumental in Tatum's development not only in drums but also acoustic guitar and music compilation involving computerized platforms. I would, without a doubt, recommend Alan to anyone that has a serious interest in music.


Warm Regards,

Sabrina Kennedy